Tuesday, June 28, 2011

almost 11 months!

Sofia is almost 11 months old, which is hard to believe! We're planning her 1st birthday party. Where has the time gone?!

Jerel and I both agree, the time from 9 months up until now has been the best so far. Sofia has such a fun and happy personality, and she's so lovable! It's been such a wonderful time for us.

Every morning when Sofia wakes up we bring her into our bed with us. When we go into her room to get her she is standing in her crib, and she sees us she gives us a huge smile and starts bouncing in her crib. We bring her to our room where she drinks some of her bottle, and then she just babbles and plays for a while. It's such a nice way to wake up. Oh, and did I mention, she's finally sleeping through the night?!

Sofia is getting tons of teeth all at the same time. She's got the cutest smile right now! 3 teeth on the bottom, and 4 teeth poking through on top. She still loves to eat, but will only feed herself puffs and bits of waffle. She's got quite a sweet tooth too, she loves vanilla ice cream and she even tried homemade vanilla pudding!

And the biggest and best news- she's walking!!! At 10 months she took her first steps, and is becoming more and more comfortable walking on her own now. She will walk across the entire living room without holding on to anything! It's amazing!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Look very closely and you just might be able to see Sofia's first tooth! It took 8 1/2 months, but she finally cut her first little bottom tooth! And as you can see, she's very happy about it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sofia stands!

A couple Saturdays ago, we were getting ready upstairs when we walked into Sofia's room and saw this:

!!!! We didn't have the camera upstairs, so Jerel ran and grabbed his phone so we could take a picture! The little critter now knows how to pull herself up, and she's been practicing wherever she can. We even got a note from her daycare teacher stating "Sofia is pulling up on anything she can, including her friends". ha!

We are so excited because walking is right around the corner! Of course this means we need to baby proof the house to a whole new level. Sofia is so excited about her new skill, and we love watching her grow into a little person!

Monday, March 21, 2011

on the move!

Sofia is officially on the move! At almost exactly 7 months she started crawling, and now she's all over the place! She is so excited about her new skill, she moves really quickly and mows over anything in her way. She's also starting to pull up to a standing position, so walking may not be far off. We better get the house baby-proofed soon!

Sofia's personality is really coming through now. She smiles and laughs all the time, she's so happy to see Daddy come home, and she loves seeing herself in the mirror!

She's a very happy little girl (except when she's hungry- she's not very patient when it comes to her food!). We're really enjoying spending time playing with her on the floor, she loves all of her toys and blocks.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

foodie in the making

Sofia loves to eat!

This isn't surprising, considering her parents!

So far she's had sweet potatoes, squash, apples, rice, pears, oats, peas (not a favorite), bananas (surprisingly also not a favorite), and carrots. Next on the menu is avocado, and then maybe some other root veggies.

When she's hungry, she wants her food NOW. She's demanding when it comes to her food, but that goes along with the rest of her personality! :)

So far I've made all of her baby food myself, and I'm really enjoying it. It's great seeing her eat a variety of foods, and I can't wait until she can try all of our favorite foods.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sofia- 6 months

It's hard to believe that in 6 short months, Sofia has gone from an itty bitty baby...

to this tiny little person (with a big personality)!

She's changed so much in such a short time. She's now able to sit up unassisted, she's eating solid foods, she's even starting to talk! (more on all of these soon)

Happy 6 Months Sofia! We love you, and we can't wait to see how you change and grow the next 6 months.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Before she was even born we began giving Sofia nicknames. Mostly they were based off of her size at the time. For example, we'd read our baby book which would tell us "this week your baby is the size of a grape", and so on...Right around the time when Sofia was "the size of a banana", we got our first 3D ultrasound. You could actually see Sofia's face in this image (which was amazing), and we could see her little, pointy, curvy lips, which also resembled bananas. And the nickname "banana lips" was born.

Since Sofia has been out in the world she's gained many other nicknames. The first was "inchy", as in-inchworm. When she was very young we would swaddle her in a blanket, and when she was laying down she would lift her legs in the air and bring them back down with her knees bent, and move herself like tiny inchworm.

Other nicknames have been "critter", "inchy mama", "monchichi", " don chich" (a derivative of monchichi), "crabby patty" (for the times when she's less than cheerful)...and the list continues to grow.

We love the fun and energetic personality of our little sweetpea! We can't wait to see what she does next, and what silly names we'll come up with for her.