Saturday, January 29, 2011


Before she was even born we began giving Sofia nicknames. Mostly they were based off of her size at the time. For example, we'd read our baby book which would tell us "this week your baby is the size of a grape", and so on...Right around the time when Sofia was "the size of a banana", we got our first 3D ultrasound. You could actually see Sofia's face in this image (which was amazing), and we could see her little, pointy, curvy lips, which also resembled bananas. And the nickname "banana lips" was born.

Since Sofia has been out in the world she's gained many other nicknames. The first was "inchy", as in-inchworm. When she was very young we would swaddle her in a blanket, and when she was laying down she would lift her legs in the air and bring them back down with her knees bent, and move herself like tiny inchworm.

Other nicknames have been "critter", "inchy mama", "monchichi", " don chich" (a derivative of monchichi), "crabby patty" (for the times when she's less than cheerful)...and the list continues to grow.

We love the fun and energetic personality of our little sweetpea! We can't wait to see what she does next, and what silly names we'll come up with for her.

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  1. Sofia's presence has re-directed attention, opened pathways, and altered energy flow. All this, in 5 months, without words. Supreme Sofia