Tuesday, June 28, 2011

almost 11 months!

Sofia is almost 11 months old, which is hard to believe! We're planning her 1st birthday party. Where has the time gone?!

Jerel and I both agree, the time from 9 months up until now has been the best so far. Sofia has such a fun and happy personality, and she's so lovable! It's been such a wonderful time for us.

Every morning when Sofia wakes up we bring her into our bed with us. When we go into her room to get her she is standing in her crib, and she sees us she gives us a huge smile and starts bouncing in her crib. We bring her to our room where she drinks some of her bottle, and then she just babbles and plays for a while. It's such a nice way to wake up. Oh, and did I mention, she's finally sleeping through the night?!

Sofia is getting tons of teeth all at the same time. She's got the cutest smile right now! 3 teeth on the bottom, and 4 teeth poking through on top. She still loves to eat, but will only feed herself puffs and bits of waffle. She's got quite a sweet tooth too, she loves vanilla ice cream and she even tried homemade vanilla pudding!

And the biggest and best news- she's walking!!! At 10 months she took her first steps, and is becoming more and more comfortable walking on her own now. She will walk across the entire living room without holding on to anything! It's amazing!

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